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Live awakened – Everyday Zen by Joko Beck

I bought this book back in 1997, got half-way through it, couldn’t understand it and went on with my life of everyday living, thinking, worrying, etc. that we all do in our lives. Not until a crisis of sorts came up did I pick it up again. This time, it all made sense. Living life in the present moment, right here, now. This was the first time I had encountered the radical suggestion: Our life is our practice! I reread it many times over the years and will do again and again. Joko Beck’s attitude: „Nothing to gain, nothing to lose“ might not be something you will like to hear. And it might take you years to understand. This book could be your entry to a deeper understanding and acceptance.

„Everyday Zen“ really helped me see how Zen can operate in the midst of modern life. One of the few books I can say is worth a multiple read.

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Zen meditation and understanding – Nothing special by Charlotte Joko Beck

If you ever feel reading about selfeducation and mindfulness you should give Charlotte Beck a chance. This book has accompanied me on my search for understanding on meditation, awareness and orientation in life for well over 15 years by now. I have always been fascinated by Joko Beck’s words but had and still have a hard time to accept all the implications and deeper meanings. She is a very, very strict person and yet ever so understanding and caring. By and by I manage to accept what she says instead of hanging on with my soothing illusions. She very much helped me to accept my responsibility, toward others, the world and myself.

You might not like what she has to say but it’s very likely that you feel she’s right. There is no book I have read so often as this one. I took it with me on my hikes and travel-light holidays , have bought and recommended it again and again. It’s very serious stuff but gave me comfort and made me stop whining.

I learned more about myself, Zen and meditation from this book than from any other I’ve read about these topics. Highly recommended reading.

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