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Live awakened – Everyday Zen by Joko Beck

I bought this book back in 1997, got half-way through it, couldn’t understand it and went on with my life of everyday living, thinking, worrying, etc. that we all do in our lives. Not until a crisis of sorts came up did I pick it up again. This time, it all made sense. Living life in the present moment, right here, now. This was the first time I had encountered the radical suggestion: Our life is our practice! I reread it many times over the years and will do again and again. Joko Beck’s attitude: „Nothing to gain, nothing to lose“ might not be something you will like to hear. And it might take you years to understand. This book could be your entry to a deeper understanding and acceptance.

„Everyday Zen“ really helped me see how Zen can operate in the midst of modern life. One of the few books I can say is worth a multiple read.

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